Topographic Works

The topographic diagram is a comprehensive study which includes the plan of the current condition of the property and its contents, in combination with the implementation of the institutional framework that governs the property (institutional lines, statements, etc.) and is differentiated according to its imminent use. Its preparation requires special knowledge of the sciences of geodesy, cartography as well as urban planning legislation.

The citizen usually comes in contact with the topographic diagram to process a real estate transfer case.

The portion of land that is transferred makes the topographic diagram particularly important as an error or omission can lead the owner to additional costs for additional corrective notarial deeds, up to the courtrooms with the neighboring owners.

Topographic Diagrams

  • All kinds and areas.
  • Contract - transfers.
  • Issuance of a building permit.
  • Demarcation of plots - agricultural parcels - areas - constructions.
  • Determining the seashore and beach
  • Partition.
  • Drawing of road - building lines.
  • Deed of settlement - actuarial
  • Deed of implementation Depending on the pan-Hellenic reference system EGSA’87

Study support

  • Impressions, Elevations - digital terrain model rendering - isosceles
  • Triangulations - network corrections
  • Boundaries
  • Design support: horizontographs, longitudinal sections, cross sections

Construction support

  • Horizontal-elevation engravings
  • Gradual fixations of earthworks
  • Measurements - area measurements - volumetric measurements
  • Horizontal and altitude control networks


  • Topographic
  • Transportation
  • Plumbing
  • Road construction

Special impressions

  • Impressions of monuments
  • Industrial
  • Micro-movement control

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