Engineering technical reports - Expertise

The institution of the expert is established by the legislation articles 368 to 392 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which enables the Judge to seek the opinion of the expert, if he deems that special knowledge is required for the study of the data of the case. The designated Expert is sworn in to carry out the expertise and becomes an agent of the trial. The parties have the right to declare for themselves each Technical Consultant. The Technical Advisers become agents of the trial and henceforth cooperate with the Expert (s), having the right to be informed of all the elements of the case file.

Our technical office has significant experience in preparing technical expert reports either for judicial use or for any other use. These reports often include photo-interpretation reports, topographic diagrams, high-resolution orthophoto maps that are a modern cartographic product that aims to better visualize the results by combining the measurement quality and accuracy of a topographic diagram with the richness and quality of information that a high resolution digital aerial photography.