Photointerpretation studies

Photo-interpretation is the special scientific method of topography by which by observing a pair of consecutive aerial photographs on a special instrument (stereoscopes) or with modern software the creation of a relief image of the ground on which the observations are made is achieved. This provides the possibility of comfortable observation and ascertainment in an unquestionable way, the morphology of the soil as well as the level details on it, crops, roads, houses, streams, trees, walls, paths, bridges, etc. Therefore it is the technical tool, through which we achieve the timeless interpretation of a property in terms of its geomorphological characteristics in past times, which are captured in the historical aerial photographs of the Geographical Service of the Army (GYS) or the Organization of Cadastral and Mapping of Greece (OK. X.E.) drawing conclusions during the instantaneous recording of the property in the past or monitoring the historical snapshots, in order to record the changes over time.

Aerial Photo Interpretation serves: - in the timing of the construction of a property - in the submission of an objection to the National Land Registry - in the proof of existence of a building before the years 1955, 1975, 1983, 2003 - necessary for the regulation of arbitrary constructions - Aerial photographs are valid and valid these are public documents. Our Technical Office specializes in the fields of Aerial Photography, Topography & Land Registry and provides you with technically sound services for the processing of each of your cases.


We have the most modern technological equipment of high fidelity and accuracy, so that we can prepare even the most demanding studies in matters of Geoinformatics and Topography. Our experience in the use of modern photo-interpreting & topographic equipment, as well as software for photogrammetric processing of aerial photographs makes us necessary collaborators of top engineers & lawyers throughout Greece and abroad.

Our members are specialized Engineers with many years of experience, technical consultants - members of the list of Experts of the Courts of First Instance, the Technical Chamber of Greece with many years of experience in many cases and certified appraisers of the Ministry of Finance.

We are distinguished by the professionalism that with the main feature the immediate delivery & the highest quality of deliverable work.

"Wear plain red and blue filter glasses and see stereoscopically"