Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic Information Systems GIS is one of the most evolving service fields we operate. GIS are information systems with which you can collect, manage, store, process and consequently analyze and produce digital data maps that interest us for a space. Services we undertake with GIS are:

  • Data collection and database building
  • Georeferencing and digitization of drawings and maps
  • Aerial photo interpretation
  • Thematic cartography and production of digital maps


Our technical office in an effort of continuous developments in technological means we developed an application of geographical information systems for the Prefecture of Preveza. The purpose of this software is to quickly find a geographical location. It is addressed mainly to Engineers, Notaries, Appraisers, Agronomists, Veterinarians, Lawyers and Public Services.

On google earth background information is provided for each geographical point you are looking for such as:

    1. To which lot number does it belong, to which distribution, to which map sheet and to which year.
    2. In which KAEK of the Land Registry is it located. (If there is a land registry)
    3. If it is located inside or outside the settlement, it is also referred to the Official Gazette of the area.
    4. In which zone SHOOAP - GPS is the point located.
    5. If located in Recoverable areas (of the last 15 years).
    6. If it is located in an area that has become a Characterization Act or Forest Map (of the last 15 years).
    7. If it is located at the Expropriation Limit for each JMC of the Ionian Highway.
    8. Natura 2000 limit and protected areas.

It is an independent program, without special computer knowledge, with google earth background. The software has the ability to calculate distances between points and export snippets in image format. It is possible to configure it according to your requirements.

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