Consistently and responsibly towards digital data users, our office provides a wide range of geodata. All data is accompanied by detailed documentation and is available in many alternative formats, so that it can be used by all popular geographic systems software. 

  • Motorway Expropriation Limits (Ionian Road, Olympia Road, etc)
  • Aerial photographs of various chronological shots
  • Greece ”(Prefectures-Municipalities)
  • Road Network
  • Street Numbers
  • Point Numbers
  • Cities
  • Settlement Boundaries <2000 cat. In EGSA projection 87
  • Postal Codes
  • Neighborhoods of Athens-Thessaloniki
  • School Limits
  • Ο.Τ. & Street Names
  • Land use
  • Archaeological sites
  • Orthophotos 1: 20,000
  • Charts 1: 5,000
  • Contour lines
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Scanned D / G 1: 5000 GYS

We have the ability to produce direct, high quality color orthophoto maps in any part of the country, either using existing aerial photographs or using new ones, taking aerial photographs according to the needs and requirements of each interested customer.

Tο αρχείο των ορθοφωτοχαρτών (Φωτοληψίας από το 2014-2023) που διαθέτει το γραφείο μας καλύπτει μεταξύ άλλων τις ακόλουθες περιοχές:

Νομός Πρεβέζης

• Filippiada PC
• Preveza PC
• Parga PC
• Romia PC
• Nea Kerasounta PC
• PC .Kerasonas
• Gorgomylou PC
• Papadaton Post Code
• Polystafyllou Post Code
• Assos Post Code
• Nikolitsiou Post Office
• Rizovouni Post Office Kraneas
• Postal Code Galata
• Postal Code Miliana
• Postal Code Lourou
• Postal Code Oropou
• Postal Code Nea Sampsountas

Νομός Άρτας

  •  Τ.Κ.Άρτας
  • Τ.Κ.Καμπής
  •  Τ.Κ.Αμπέλια
  • Τ.Κ.Αγίων Αναργύρων
  •  Τ.Κ.Φιλοθέης
  • Τ.Κ.Ράχης
  • Τ.Κ.Ρόκας
  • Τ.Κ.Νεοχωρίου
  • Τ.Κ.Κωστακιών
  • Τ.Κ.Χανόπουλου 
  • Τ.Κ.Αμμοτόπου
  • Τ.Κ.Παντάνασσας
  • Τ.Κ.Πιστιανών
  • Τ.Κ.Ροδαυγής
  • Τ.Κ.Κομποτίου


We carry out programs for the compilation of topographic and cartographic backgrounds, in various scales, both in vector format and in raster format (orthophoto maps) on behalf of public or private bodies, covering all phases of the project such as:

• Flight planning
• Aerial photography
• Ground control works
• Photogrammetric yields
• Production of Digital Terrestrial Models
• Production of digital orthophoto maps
• Data organization in G.I.S environment