Photogrammetry applications

In the effort of continuous evolution, in the field of modern methods of recording documentation and mapping of the natural environment and infrastructure, our office provides modern unmanned UAV type aircraft. These aircraft are used for aerial photography of areas and the realization of small and medium scale photogrammetric applications.

Aerial photographs are the primary information which through appropriate processing in analytical and digital photogrammetry systems is transformed into cartographic backgrounds, vector or mosaic (raster) of high quality and reliability. We constantly take aerial photographs, either to meet the needs of our clients or to enrich the aerial photograph archive of our office that covers cities and villages, roads, areas of tourist interest, areas with a high development index or special interest. We take aerial photographs and have high quality and color aerial photographs, in pixel size from 0.3 to 8 million which we process and transform into extremely high resolution digital images that reach up to 3 cm on the ground.

Digital orthophotos / orthophotos are a modern cartographic product that combines the measurement quality and accuracy of a topographic diagram with the richness and quality of information that a high-resolution digital aerial photograph can give us. The production of digital orthophoto maps has become possible in recent years as a result of the rapid development of computers and the increase of computing power with the simultaneous development of the corresponding software products. In our technical office we have the ability to produce direct, high quality color orthophoto maps in any part of the country, either using existing aerial photographs or using new ones, performing aerial photographs according to the needs and requirements of each interested customer.

Δείγμα Ορθοφωτοχάρτη

Digital Terrain Models render the terrain in electronic form and in various formats and are a prerequisite for the creation of orthophoto maps. They are obtained through photogrammetric processes with the processing of stereoscopic aerial photographs and the use of appropriate software in digital photogrammetric stations.

Our many years of experience in technical projects of various requirements, our specialized staff and the constant contact with new innovative technologies, make us valuable partners in the following services:

  1. Monitoring the progress of construction of a project.
  2. Topographic measurements and 3D maps in large, inaccessible and difficult areas.
  3. Cadastral measurements.
  4. Area measurements - Volume measurements and aggregate management.
  5. Inspection of Technical works due to limited or unsafe


  • Reduced cost of topographic works
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Recognition of environmental conditions
  • Πλήρη στοιχεία, ακόμη και σε σημεία που είναι δύσκολα σε προσέγγιση
  • Precision measurements at low cost
  • Low mobilization time and human resources
  • Impressive and convincing present


  • Images - Orthophoto maps
  • 3D pixel model
  • Altitude Information Map
  • Map of isosceles curves
  • Map of Slopes and Orientation
  • Area measurements - Volumetric measurements
  • Digital designs
  • Video - Presentations 

The deliverables are useful for

  • Monitoring the progress of construction of a project
  • Monitoring the progress of construction of a project
  • Quantitative measurements
  • Topographic measurements
  • Infrastructure mapping
  • Vegetation monitoring


  • Aerial photography
  • Mapping
  • Cadastral
  • Real estate
  • Photogrammetry - Remote sensing
  • Crop control
  • Land management
  • Environmental use
  • Security
  • Traffic control
  • Archeology
  • Monitoring life in nature
  • Advertising
  • Many others…

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