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Vassilios I. Dimitriou - MSc Surveyor Engineer TE.

Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece No. TEE: 15712 and Member of the Panhellenic Association of Geoinformatics and Topography. Expert of the Court of First Instance of Arta, Preveza, Lefkada and Ioannina. He has studied Geoinformatics Engineer and Surveyor at the Technological Institute of Serres, while he holds a Master's Degree in Technical Project Management. Holds a contractor's degree in the categories Road Construction, Plumbing and Port. He specializes in services using unmanned aerial vehicles and participated in the 1st Geomapplica conference on "UAV and Drones applications in Greece" in the framework of the 2nd Geomapplica International Conference. He is a certified adult educator of EOPPEP in matters of Informatics, Topography and Structural Works with Code ΕΒ 29475 and a regular member of the Association of Appraisers of Greece with registration number 1907.

Some of our most important projects:

    1. Collaboration with the company GeoSet LTD in projects for the development of Geographic Information Systems in projects of IGME, IACS and the Hellenic Land Registry.
    2. Collaboration with the Technical Company AKTOR SA in the projects ATTICA METRO, ERGOSE and OLYMPIA ROAD.
    3. Cooperation with the company "Topometry" Ltd. in specialized Topography Studies.
    4. Cooperation with the Technical Company TERNA SA in Ionia Odos in the S3A Department.
    5. Cooperation with the company Anax NW PC in matters of Geographic Information Systems for the project “HELLENIC PETROLEUM ARTA - PREVEZA EXPLORATION AND PRODUCTION OF HYDROCARBONS S.A.


Our direct partners, with many years of design and construction experience.

Theocharis Papadiamantis
B.Sc. Landscape engineer

Christoforos Bouzanis
Civil Engineer

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